Marriage and family

Marriage contract

A lot can happen in a marriage. Relationships can change afterwards; things that were previously taken for granted may not be considered binding later. Most of the time, the spouses do not deal with the legal foundations of the marriage until a dispute has broken out. However, it is better to provide for the future with a marriage contract if you understand each other well and have an understanding of the other’s interests. A marriage contract can be concluded before or after the wedding. Such a marriage contract often contains provisions on the matrimonial property regime, maintenance and pension rights. Other points can also be regulated, if this makes sense in your individual case. A combination with a contract of inheritance (which, like a will, regulates the distribution of assets after death) is usually advisable. It also makes sense to think about setting up a pension power of attorney in the event of subsequent incapacity to act when dealing with these issues. Whoever thinks about possible conflicts in the future in the common interest and settles them amicably, contributes to making the marriage last.

Divorce agreement

Pretty many marriages get divorced, often after more than 10 years of marriage. In these cases there are many doubts; many questions have to be settled. We will give you impartial advice on the preparation of a divorce agreement. In this way, disputes can often be avoided – also and especially in the interest of the joint children. In addition, costs can be saved later in the proceedings and the divorce proceedings can be accelerated. Of course, we closely coordinate with the attorneys commissioned by you.

Partnership contract (regulation for unmarried partners)

Even if a marriage is not yet foreseeable for you or you generally exclude it for yourself, it is advisable to provide a basis for the legal and economic foundations of your living together in a partnership contract – probably even more so than in a marriage: the law does not contain any special rules for the division of assets when such a partnership ends. There is also no statutory right of inheritance for unmarried partners. Even if you have already accumulated considerable joint assets (e.g. through joint acquisition of real estate): Without a disposition of death due to death (inheritance contract or will), the “other half of the house” goes to the legal heirs of the other partner – often this is completely undesirable!

Adoption, declarations of custody, acknowledgements of paternity

Even when it comes to your children, we are there for you. We can notarize adoptions, declarations of custody and acknowledgements of paternity for you.

Artificial insemination

Modern medicine makes it possible for many people to realize their desire to have children. The medical and psychological effects must be thoroughly discussed in advance with the clinic that carries out the artificial insemination. However, legal questions also arise, depending on whether the parents are married or unmarried and whether the insemination is homologous or heterologous. Please contact us (preferably after consultation with your clinic).

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