Unsolicited application

We are always happy to receive meaningful applications. We are always looking for friendly and competent notary’s assistants (assistant, referee). However, we are also happy to accept applications from other fields (paralegals, commercial professions, typists, etc.) and from lawyers.
We are not primarily concerned with grades and degrees; rather, we are looking for people who are committed to their profession and the notary’s office and who enjoy their work.

Your application is also interesting if you
– are currently undergoing training but do not feel comfortable with your current training position or
– you already have your school-leaving certificate but were unable or unwilling to find a training place on 1 August.
Here too, diligence, respectful treatment and the willingness to learn are fundamentally more important to us than a “perfect paper form”. If you are interested in working in an “office job” (but certainly with a lot of human contact) and the concentrated handling of texts and documents, we look forward to receiving your application.

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