Property purchase and financing

Property purchase and financing

Purchase of real estate

For most notaries’ offices, property law is probably one of the core areas of their work – and this is also true for us. It is particularly important to find a fair balance between the interests of seller and buyer. We ensure a balanced arrangement and procure the documents required for execution, e.g. from authorities, courts and credit institutions. Our design prevents the seller from losing the property without receiving his money; the buyer only pays when the conditions for an unencumbered acquisition of ownership are met.

In numerous special cases, such contracts must be adjusted, sometimes considerably (e.g. in the case of the acquisition of a heritable building right or a private sale in connection with a compulsory auction; sale by a guardian). We have the necessary skills for this and can advise you on whether, in individual cases, settlement via a notary escrow account is permissible and appropriate.

Land charge and mortgage

Most private buyers finance the purchase of a property through a loan from a bank, building society or insurance company. Before a loan is granted, such creditors require collateral to protect themselves against payment defaults. As a rule, the credit institutions require the creation of mortgages that enable them to sell the property at auction or in receivership if payment difficulties arise. In addition, the banks demand collateral for other assets; a notarial deed grants them a corresponding enforcement title. We support you in questions of credit security. If urgency is required, our reliable employees will ensure the preparation of so-called ranking certificates, which already enable the loan to be paid out without having to wait for the registration periods at the land registry.

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